Well, howdy. We make fun apps for kids. Some of them are educational, too. But we try not to let that get in the way of the fun.


About the STEP System

The STEP spelling system is designed to engage children with the wonder of language; letters forming words that convey things in the real world.

Drawing on the same concepts that moved instructors to engrave letter shapes into wooden cubes hundreds of years ago, but with modern technology able to take it to a completely new level, the STEP spelling system is as much about the delight of learning as it is about spelling proficiency.

The physicality of the objects in the STEP system is very intentional. Wheels that spin, balloons that pop, letter blocks that you can pick up and throw and make noise when they drop. Engagement encourages replay, which allows the repetition that fosters deeper learning.

Designed with the guidance of award winning educators, we are confident your children will love and learn from the STEP system.


For support with any of our games, please email support@sleepycactus.com. Please give full details of any issues you may be having. We try to respond within 24 hours.

Of course, we also always welcome positive input, suggestions and ideas! Thanks!

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For information about Sleepy Cactus or any of our games, email info@sleepycactus.com.

Press kit for our latest game, Spell Tower Step Two PLUS is available for download. It contains game information and high quality photos and artwork.